Batteries are the essential part of our everyday life equipments, gadgets, vehicles etc. All mobile and immobile equipments which relies on a energy storage packs eat up batteries after a specific cycle life. Efficiency and cycle life are the two major factors and subjects of continuous research and development. Nobody wants to plug a device for charging too frequently, and for long time.

Long Lasting Battery

Even no researcher is willing to face accidents in laboratory while performing an experiment, unless it leads to a new Invention. Mya Le Thai a PhD candidate at University of California, Irvine. While performing an experiment, She coated a nano wire with a shell of manganese dioxide and suspended whole with an electrolyte gel also described as “Plexiglass-like.” The Nano wire used for the purpose is a gold nano wire which is thousands times thinner than human hair. Researchers have tried a long to use nano wire as a lithium alternative to make batteries. This wires are good conductor and capable of holding charge with a good surface area.

Thai cycled (Repeatedly charging, discharging) the wire and surprisingly found its capacity of bearing hundreds of thousand cycles without degradation. Nano wires are the dream battery materials for the scientists for a long time but due to their fragile nature they were working around to overcome the problem. The unique solution coated on wire resulting not only surprising resilience and durability but performance also. The team is not sure about the mechanism working behind this.

Lithium ion battery pack degrades and can withstand roughly around 5,000 to 6,000 cycles but Thai tested 200000 times past three months. Despite being cycled 200000 times, no capacity and performance loss has been observed. Although gold is an expensive material for making the batteries available for commercial market. Researchers are performing the same experiments with nickel to make it affordable substitute for traditional lithium ion batteries in various applications say  gadgets, home appliances, industries, space crafts.

This is a new invention in the field of energy storage. As this can bring a big revolutionary change in various fields like renewable energy systems, space technology, automobiles etc

It is not clear that how much tests and experiments are more required to make its debut in commercial battery market.

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