Green tea is not a new term in beverages. Green tea is mainly recognized worldwide due to its antioxidant nature and many other health benefits. Although green tea is not a new drink consumed by mankind worldwide. Its existence is recorded in south west China more than 3000 years ago.

In early 90s this green tonic got worldwide reorganization. In ancient time the tea leaves are used by the people for chewing and eating. Later its used for cooking and boiling with water to add flavor. Green tea is made of green herb leaves called Camellia Sinensis. The leaves are not withered and oxidized as done to make it oolong tea and black tea. The dried leaves of Camellia Sinesis are boiled for 2-3 minutes with water to make the tea.

The leaves are un-oxidized, so they are rich in antioxidants. From ancient time green tea is used as a herb to cure digestive problems, wounds, liver disorders, obesity, diabetes etc. After worldwide exposure and being consumed by major countries of the world many other health benefits are observed. These are some major health benefits of consuming green tea.


Green tea helps to prevent cancer, research show that polyphenols in the green tea effectively decrease the tumor growth as observed in laboratories on animals. The high content of polyphenols helps to kill cancer cells and stop their growth.

Green tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The main reason found is the presence of polyphenolic compound found in it. Research show that people consuming green tea regularly have 50% less chance of dying with heart diseases.

Green tea boosts up the metabolic rate which helps to lose weight. Green tea consumption increases metabolic rate which is responsible to convert food into calories. Green tea boosts these conversion rate which helps to lose weight. It especially targets abdominal fat. It also lowers the risk of being obese.

Green tea regulates glucose levels which controls the blood sugar leads to control diabetes. Green tea is also a good supplement which improves dental health. It kills harmful bacteria and reduces the risk of dental infections.

Green tea helps to reduce damaged brain cells. It reduces the risks of Parkinson’s.

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