Invisible Laser Wall
In most of the strategic Hollywood movies having thrilling scenes of stealing money from a bank or some other kinds of precious and valuable artifacts from some museum etc you might have observed that there are a number of security systems. Among those systems a very famous security system is Invisible Laser Wall. As we know that light has three regions in which only one region is visible to a human naked eye. That region is known as Visible Region of light. The other two regions are Infra-Red and Ultra-violet regions. These both regions are invisible to a naked human eye. Infra-Red rays are used to produce an Invisible Laser Wall to protect things from stealing.

Laser is the abbreviation of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Stimulated emission is basically a process in which a no of in phase photons or the energy packets are produced by exciting some semiconductor material. And at the end these photons or the energy packets are resulted into a coherent beam which is known as laser. Now according to the frequency and wavelength of the coherent beam we can say that the laser lies in visible region or in invisible region for a naked eye. If the wavelength of the laser beam lies in between 400nm-700nm (nm stands for Nano Meter) it means we can see laser beam otherwise it is in invisible region. If the wavelength is shorter than 400nm then it will be in Ultraviolet region and if wavelength is larger than 700nm it will be in Infrared region.

In invisible laser wall security system laser field sensors are used to produce a very thin laser wall which basically plays a role of Curtin or a protected shield to cover an area of concern. In this security system there are three main parts in which one is the Source of Light (Infra-Red Rays) known as Laser Field Sensor the second one is the detector known as Laser field detector and the last and most important part of this system is the Alarming Electronics known as Electronic field panel.

In the electronics field panel a Light depending resistor (LDR) is attached to the invisible laser light. Invisible laser light produces a specific voltage by inducing a specific resistance range over LDR which is inverse proportional to the light imposing on LDR. In actual case there is a protection Curtin or protection shield in the form of invisible laser light over the protected area. When some person or an object comes into the vicinity of that protected area as an intruder and crosses the invisible wall it decreases the quantity of light which is being sensed by LDR due to which a specific potential difference appears over the electronic field panel side.

Electronic field panel is attached to an alarming mechanism which may be a Siren with a loud speaker or some flashing light or also some strong steel type visible protection wall which may appear over the protected area. The alarming siren may be a police siren and to scare the intruder. In some cases these sirens are also placed in ambulance or fire fighting vehicles where it is required. Once the whole electronic circuit is activated it will not come back to silent state until someone pushes the reset button.

Now a days security threat has become an important issue when the modern technologies are being improved day by day. These modern technologies are also being used by the gangs of thieves. So to encounter the situation we should improve our security system with modern techniques. That is why Invisible laser wall is getting an importance in modern security systems. The electricity consumption range of this invisible laser controlled electronic system is also very economical. That is why Invisible Laser Wall or some other intelligent security systems have now become an essential part of banks, defense institutions, Museums etc.

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